Decorative Tree Grates
Hundreds of Designs ready for production!
Form and Function Meets - Style And Flow

We have over 300 Tree Grate designs tooled up and ready.  Made in the USA, right here in the Pacific Northwest.  We have a passionate team that would love to help you find the design, or help create a custom design that is right for your project.

Tree grates are becoming increasingly popular on public renovation projects and private jobs alike.  Our tree grates are made of nearly unbreakable ductile iron.  This ensures less replacement costs due to cars jumping curbs or any other obstacle that may come their way.  Most of our tree grates have a maximum slot width of ½” inch, in compliance with the American Disabilities Act, as noted on the drawings. 



As we work on building our online catalog, please contact someone from our Decorative Department if you'd like to see our full list of designs.