Decorative Castings
Tree Grates - Bollards - plaques
Enhancing the beauty of your local neighborhood

Our decorative castings are designed to protect and crafted to enhance the beauty of their surroundings. City boulevards, residential courtyards, or virtually any architectural setting can be enhanced and protected. Standard patterned or custom tree grates, as well as tree guards, trench grates, park benches, trash receptacles and pedestrian bollards- are all available from Olympic Foundry in a large variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. We'll be happy to assist you with all of your custom designed items.

Decorative Castings

Decorative Tree Grates and Frames

Tree Guards

Decorative Trench Grates and Frames

Park Benches

Pedestrian Bollards

Trash Receptacles

Custom Access Covers

Rosette washers

Public Drinking Fountains

Dedication Plaques

Let your public renovation project stand out!
ADA Compliant
Decorative Castings Materials

Cast ductile iron, unlike steel, is inherently resistant to continued corrosion.  Standard unfinished ductile/gray iron will, over time, develop an attractive patina which will not damage the iron and requires no upkeep.  Products can also be provided prime-coated, powder-coated, or wet painted in any specified color.

Decorative Trench Grates

We have a full line of standard Trench Grates and Decorative Trench Grates!

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We encourage urban architects and landscapers to create unique environments to complement and integrate any architectural style.
We have hundreds of decorative patterns already!


Our Unique Drinking fountain with built in Dog bowl has made its way into many city parks.  This unique casting not only has an artistic style but also purpose built for functionality.

When it comes to decorative and historical street lighting, park benches, drinking fountains, or pedestrian Bollards, Olympic Foundry offers the finest detail and construction available. We recognize that when appropriately designed these styles and designs blend the warmth and unique character of a bygone era with the finest materials and production techniques available today.  

Pedestrian Bollards Can Have Style!

Keeping public walkways safe doesn't have to be boring.  Our Bollards are beautifully painted for rust prevention, and have curves and style to enrich their surroundings.  


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Bollard Bollard Bollard Bollard
Bollard Bollard Bollard Bollard
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